Multipurpose organic fertilizer effluent


Feel free to use as a fertilizer for all types of agricultural and ornamental crops and plants except of citrus and coniferous. This product is effective for all soils, for all climate zones.

Use diluted with water by shallow soil watering or by injection in soil. Soil must be watered before fertilizing. Using fertilizing and watering simultaneously means that the proportion of water should be 1:20. The greatest effect is achieved when proportion i 1:10.


Liquid, organic fertilizer effluent as a strong solution. Made of cow manure through thermophilic fermentation in biochemical reactors. State Standard 3380-2015


The product use contributes to humic-like compounds, it stimulates an improvement of air-moisture exchange in rhizosphere microflora around plants rootage. This is why just 1 litre of effluent equals 100 kg of cow manure in terms of its impact on plants' growth and harvesting capacity. This product is fire-safe and explosion-proof. Not toxic and does not create toxic compounds.

Advantages of using an organic fertilizer effluent

  • Natural and eco-friendly product
  • Provides harvest's growth by 33%
  • Acts on plant straight after use
  • Restores exhausted soil
  • Normilizes acid and alkaline soils
  • Increases plants' resistance to drought
  • DOES NOT contain nitrates, nitrites, pathogenic organisms and seeds of the weed

Use of ready solution


10-15 litres per 1m2 of near-stem circle

Berry bushes

10-15 litres per 1m2 of near-stem circle


10 litres per 1m2 of soil surface during budding period


2 litres under the plant 1 time a week after transplanting

Cucumbers, squashes, squad marrows

1.5 litres under the plant 1 time a week

Tomato, pepper, eggplant

1 litre under the plant 1 time a week

Dill, parsley, salad

2 litres per 1m2, 1 time a week

Strawberry, wild strawberry

0,5 litres under the bush, 3 times a season

Ornamental plants

2 litres per 1m2, 1 time a week

Storage conditions and serviceable life

Packed product keep in closed, dry and aired places. Avoid sun rays. Optimal temperature is between -20°С and +20°С. Product in intact package keeps its best characteristics 3 years long since production. All storage conditions should be adhered.

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