Organic bioactivator for soil


Use as fertilizer 2 times per season. Bioactivator is suitable for all types of agricultural and ornamental crops. It is effective for all soils and for all climate zones.

In order to achieve the greatest effect it is highly recommended to sequentially combine 2 bioactivator application methods:

1. Autumn time. To restore soil after harvesting use it along the land with the following cultivating;

2. Spring time. To effectively plant use it along the land with the following upper layer cultivating.


Organic fertilizer effluent strong solution. High content of solid organic substances. It is made of cow manure through thermophilic fermentation in biochemical reactors. State Standard 2280-2015.


The soil bioactivator promotes the formation of humic like compounds in the soil, which stimulates the moisture-air exchange of the rhizospheric microflora around the root system of plants. Bioactivator improves soil structure and normalizes soil acidity. The increase in yield occurs due to an increase in the volume of favorable living microflora, normalizing the acidity of the soil at the roots. The product is fireproof and explosion proof. Does not form toxic compounds. Contains no nitrates and nitrites.

Advantages of organic fertilizers for indoor plants

  • Natural and eco-friendly product
  • Acts on plant straight after application
  • Contributes to the creation of humic-like compounds
  • Increases plant's resistance to diseases
  • Normilizes acid and alkaline soils
  • DOES NOT contain nitrates, nitrites, pathogenic organisms and weed's seeds

Storage conditions and serviceable life

Packed product keep in closed, dry and aired places. Avoid sun rays. Optimal temperature is between -5°С and +20°С. Product in intact package keeps its best characteristics 3 years long since production. All storage conditions should be adhered.

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