Organic fertilizer for all types of orchids


Liquid organic fertilizer is intended for top dressing indoor and garden orchids. The product is ready to use. Feed indoor and garden orchids using root and foliar top dressing. Fertilizer consumption rate as in conventional irrigation.


The organic fertilizer solution for indoor and garden orchids is made from cow manure by thermophilic fermentation in biochemical reactors.


The product contributes to the lush and prolonged flowering of orchids, the formation and stimulation of new buds, and the restoration of the root system of the plant.

The beneficial properties of the fertilizer are provided by the living developing microflora, which is contained in the fertilizer. Living microflora normalizes the acidity of the soil and promotes the formation of humic like compounds in the soil.

Due to this, fertilizer for orchids has a strong stimulating effect on the growth and flowering of plants. Increases resistance to disease and drought. The product does not require an adaptation period and is effective immediately after use.

Advantages of organic fertilizer for all types of orchids

  • Natural and eco-friendly product
  • Acts on plant straight after application
  • Contributes to the creation of humic-like compounds
  • Increases plants' resistance to diseases
  • Normalizes acid and alkaline soils
  • DOES NOT contain nitrates, nitrites, pathogenic organisms and seeds of the weed

Storage conditions and serviceable life

Packed product keep in closed, dry and aired places. Avoid sun rays. Optimal temperature is between -20°С and +20°С. Product in intact package keeps its best characteristics 3 years long since production. All storage conditions should be adhered.

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